The company begins its publishing progress with the magazines “O Kosmos tou Ellinikou Software”, “Computer & Office Automation” and “Computer Games”).

On March 1991, he assures the bestowal of use of the title Auto Motor und Sport from the German company MOTOR PRESS INTERNATIONAL, which is considered to be one of the biggest and most valid publishing houses worldwide. Auto Motor und Sport circulates on October of 1991, while achieving high number of circulations (164,000 printed copies) that no other monthly magazine has ever succeeded in Greece.
At the end of the year 1991, the big car catalogue AUTO KATALOG was circulated for the first time.

On September 1992, AUTO MOTOR und SPORT becomes a fortnightly magazine. It rises to the first position of circulations among the total amount of car magazines, while the same year the company’s revenues increase 17% .
At 1992, the computer magazine CHIP, is circulated again with a new logo, as well as orientation after the bestowal of use of the title from the German worldwide known publishing house VOGEL MEDIA.

The analysis and the test drives of the new car models established by the company, the on-time presentation in Greece and the first-rate editorial content, brought Auto Motor und Sport in the car magazine market leading position.
At 1993 the company, based on the successful edition of AUTO MOTOR und SPORT, for the first time proceeds on publishing the fortnightly car magazine titled AUTO TRITI. This magazine, due to its current material and innovative design catches on like wildfire to the readers, while functioning as a tool for the purchase of new or used cars by individuals or traders.

On November of 1994, the company publishes for the first time in Greece the magazine AUDIO (German title as well), regarding sound, picture and up-to-date technology.

At the car section, the annual catalogue AUTO TRITI TEST BOOK is published.

On October of 1996, the company presents to the Greek market the fortnightly motorcycle magazine titled as MOTO TRITI, which follows the successful path of the rest magazines.

On March of 1997, the company publishes the magazine AUTO HI-FI, which specializes on sound systems exclusively used in the car.
In addition, the company publishes two more annual editions, MOTO ACCESSORIES and MOTO TEST BOOK.
On November of the same year the facilities and applications of the company, are certified by the quality system ISO 9002 (regarding ratings and test drives). This fact is extremely important as no magazine in Europe until today does not incorporate something equivalent.

On August of 1998, the company takes over the title AUTO FAX, an insert referring to cars and sent on a daily basis to subscribers through fax.

On March of 1999, the company publishes the magazine AUTO TRITI AGGELIES, which is immediately established as a work tool for trading new or used cars and motorcycles, since it incorporates a web site with pictures, as well as information.
On October of 1999, the company launches the magazine CONNECTING, which deals with cell phone high technology.

Foreseeing the rising interest of the Greek public in the web, the Company decided to penetrate this new promising market with no competition at the time.
Motor Press Hellas managed to use its experience and background in order to design and construct special info and content vortals, starting from the construction of the first car vortal ( and The site is daily updated with all latest news from the car industry. There is also an online archive of previous issues of the Company’s car titles, plus thousands of car and second-hand car advertisements. Several pages of the vortal are dedicated to prices and equipment of all car models of the market.
At the end of 2000, the Company entered into an agreement with MOTOR PRESS INTERNATIONAL, establishing the GREEK-GERMAN MEDIA INVESTMENT company (incorporated in Hungary and by 90% owned by Motor Press Hellas). Reason for this joint venture was the publication of specialized magazines targeting the markets of Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Along with the construction of the Company decided to create more specialized vortals, targeting the motorcycle and the IT market. The founding concept of and was to provide visitors specialized information, news and user-friendly search utilities.
On October 2001, the company undertook the publishing of a historical Greek title, the monthly music magazine POP & ROCK.
At the 15th of October, Motor Press Hellas supplements its editions with the following: ABOUT THESSALONIKI (weekly entertainment guide for the city of Salonica), ABOUT AUTO (weekly market guide for the car market) ABOUT GREECE and TOURING (special tourist guides on various locations of Greece with high tourist traffic and interest).
The Company bought 62% of the share capital of PUBLIC PRESS PUBLISHING SA, which is the publishing company of the daily newspaper Chrimatistirio.

2002 was the year that the car vortal was concluded and the Publishing Company was able to use it commercially. The design and construction of the vortal started the year 2000. The public responded positively and the traffic rised to unprecedented numbers, as far as the Greek market is concerned. Following this success, the Company created specialized sites for the publishing magazines ,like (IT Technology), (telecomms).
During the second semester of the year, the successful weekly publication AUTO TRITI was enriched with a monthly extra edition titled AUTO EPAGGELMATIKA (for professional vehicles), while another yearly publication titled METACHIRISMENA (information, prices and news from the used car market) was launched. The same year, the Company published a series of collective books on cars, titled TOP BOOKS.
Making investments, the Company bought out an extra 27% of the share capital of PUBLIC PRESS PUBLISHING SA.
Just before the turn of the year 2002 (December), Motor Press executed a takeover on the well-known and long established musical web site upgrading and renewing it, while using it as a vehicle to infiltrate the Greek music market.

On February 2003, the Company established confidence on the super sport car modification and tuning market and expanded its cooperation with the German publishing house MOTOR PRESSE INTERNATIONAL, obtaining the exclusive rights of the bimonthly edition SPORT AUTO for Greece.
On March 2003, the Company moved its headquarters to the new fully owned building, situated at Kryoneri, Attica. A total of 5,251 sq.m. luxurious office space, in three levels that can easily accommodate 600 employees. There is also a conference and multi tasking room with full multimedia support (approx. 540 sq. m.), plus 2 underground levels of garage, storage and utility space (3,653 sq.m.)
During July, the Company bought out the remaining percentage of PUBLIC PRESS Publishing SA (11%) and executed a merging plan that was typically completed in October 31, 2003.
Fall 2003 all the web sites that were under construction, were operational and under commercial use (,,, Following this development, it was decided all sites to create newsletters, targeting the direct communication with thousands of daily visitors of the vortals, plus the further improvement of their commercial use, through direct mailing.

The big success of the Motor Press Hellas specialized internet sites, along with the valuable experience gained, led to the decision that the company should further expand its activities on the worldwide web.
Early 2004, started the design of a news portal, that could use information from all the other specialized company sites, plus the variety of news sourced out from the daily financial newspaper Chrimatistirio.
The portal was officially launched in June and ever since, is constantly updated with financial, political and business news, plus special reports and links from the Athens Stock Exchange Market.
As a result of the portal launch, specialized newsletters were created and sent to thousands of subscribers.
At the same time, scheduled as a quarterly edition, a 100 pages special magazine Ikonomika Apotelesmata (Public Companies Financial Results) was published, including charts and analysis for the business sectors, while offering vast and accurate information to investors.
For the professional car market, the already existing insert of Auto Triti magazine was upgraded as a stand-alone monthly edition, giving its place to a special car photoalbum advertisement.

The “Absolute Car Market Guide” a bi-annual special edition of Auto Triti followed. A complete market guide plus a CD-ROM that makes easier for the potential car buyer to make the right choice, using special applications and explanatory cases, informs and protects from common and possible mistakes.
February was the launching month of the new magazine of the Group, Motorbike News, satisfying the needs of the motorbike riders and potential buyers to be informed on news and developments of their favorite subject, given in a fun but also responsible way.
Right before the end of the first quarter of 2005, Motor Press Hellas entered the promising free press sector, publishing the first free distribution car newspaper titled Auto Triti Newspaper. The distribution points of this publication are more than 30 using mainly Metro Stations.
The true descendant of the car improvements sector, served by then by Sport Auto magazine (which became monthly in the early 2005) became a reality. The new monthly magazine Furious Tuning is the Motor Press version for the new group of readers that want to know all latest developments on the fast and tuned sports cars, well as articles on lifestyle given in a progressive and often provocative style. Furious Tuning is closely related to the Motor Press International title, Maxi Tuning, published successfully in 12 countries.
4x4 magazine’s exclusive cooperation with the 3 biggest European titles, 4Wheel Fun, 4x4Tout Terrain and Auto Verde 4x4 guarantee the prospect of the new Motor Press Hellas family member.
Motor Press Hellas also undertook the publishing of the following - particularly successful magazines regarding pc games that were published since now by Hyperpress: Computer Games Magazine, a monthly edition for PC and on-line games, PS2 magazine, which is also monthly and targets Playstation 2 funs, as well as GamePro magazine that is circulated every month and deals with every development and new game titles and with every game type found in the market, meaning Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony and PC games.

Our first monthly magazine dedicated to car tuning was introduced, under the name Furious Tuning, which was actually a follow up to Sport Auto edition. It included very modern and intriguing articles addressed to a young group of readers who enjoy sporty and tuned cars within a certain lifestyle. Furious Tuning was closely related to Maxi Tuning, a world famous title published by Motor Press International in 12 countries. At the same time, the new member of our company 4x4 Magazine, initiated an exclusive cooperation with the three most important European off-road specialist publications,4Wheel Fun, 4x4Tour Terrain and Αuto Verde 4x4”.Meanwhile, Motor Press Hellas took over three very successful gaming magazines published every month. The first, called Computer Games, specializes in PC and on-line games. The second PS2 is dedicated to the fans of Sony Playstation2, whereas the third GamePro refers to products related to all the gaming consoles of the market. During the same year we published a special edition magazine called Moto Τriti Used Motorcycle Photo Ads for businesses or individuals who wish to buy or sell a used motorcycle. Finally, we launced for professional drivers to keep up to date with the course of the related market.
In 2007 Motor Press Hellas proudly celebrated 10 years of Moto Τriti magazine and also became a founding member of Road Safety Institute Panos Milonas. Our financial newspaper Hrimatistirio leaped ahead of a large part of its competition by obtaining authorization to publish the official balance sheets of the companies operating in the Greek Stock Market. It was also the first time that our magazine Auto Triti in Νothern Greece was published individually and with great success. Based in the city of Thessaloniki, the publication acquired its own team of journalists as well as a complete advertising department, drawing attention to news and activities taking place locally. During the same year we published a new set of tourist guides (both for winter and summer) and more special issues of road safety. Finally, our imprint Αbout Thessaloniki reached an agreement with the Yellow Pages publication of the State Telephone Company (OTE) in order to provide readers with information about the city of Thessaloniki, through the official telephone service 11888.
While celebrating the 5th year of operation for Auto Triti Professional magazine and the 10th year for Auto Triti Used Car Photo Ads magazine, we launched, a great new website assigned to the market of car tuning and accessories. In addition, we published a certain number of special issues for used cars and motorcycles, such as Testbook,Best Seller Guides and Moto Triti Quad. An important highlight of 2008 was the celebration of the 15th year of success for our weekly Auto Triti magazine, accompanied by special publications dealing with environmental and safety issues. At the same year, company invests further in used car market, by buying magazine Trohorama which is specialized in the market of North Greece. Special advertising campaigns together with innovative promotional activities, such as providing one lucky reader with free petrol for the rest of his life, served as a compliment to this very important anniversary.
Year 2009 signals the beginning of an important co-operation with Italian magazine Quattroruote, worldwide famous for its credible car tests taking place in their own private circuit. We officially launched Quattroruote in Greece on the 8th of April, thus becoming a part of an international network of 12 countries that enjoy the privileged title of Quattroruote. At the same time, as part of our business plan commitment to new technologies we launched, a new website hosting more than 4.500 products addressed to all motorcycle drivers. In addition, as a brand extension for Αuto Triti Magazine we issued a special edition for women, focusing on the car models female drivers prefer. Finally, with the occasion of the 10th year of operation for we launched a striking promotional campaign and actually managed to increase its unique visitors to the record number of 2.200.000. During this campaign, 10 of the visitors of the website were rewarded with the amount of 10.000 euros in order to buy a new car.
In 2010, while the economic crisis creates both problems and great opportunities on all aspects of the market, Motor Press Hellas reinforces its strategic decisions for the so-called “Next Day”. We CREATE new job positions in sectors such as tourism and electronic media. We STRENTHEN and SUPPORT our main products with special issues, complimentary publications and market initiatives, such as “Auto Triti Approved”, an innovative service that assists potential buyers to find the best available used car, with the best price and with the special sign indication of guarantee by our Auto Triti associates. We DEVELOP further actions of Corporate Social Responsibility especially in the field of Road Safety with unpreceded actions. For example, we organized special Brand Extension Events such as a massive test drive event of 90 different car models and unique Crash Tests undertaking in cooperation with a Top international organization, Dekra. We INVEST in new markets and publications like the Real Estate market by acquiring the best-known field title “Fvtoaggelies Akiniton”. Another striking example is the investment we made in tourism, which is known as the “Heavy Industry of our country”, with a publication called “Pame Ekdromes”. Meanwhile, we commenced the publication of a new monthly car magazine called “Auto Triti Plus” that includes an in-dept analysis of all aspects and technical issues on every new car model. We continue our vision for 2011!
2011, Motor Press continues gaining momentum trading. Closely in the needs time, for development and cheaper energy, publishes the magazine Green Home and Building (the first Greek magazine for renewable energy). Then Motorpress creates the website Target of this 2 new specific is to offer all the information that a buyer on an investor needs for issues of green energy projects (wind, geothermal, solar) with a main focus on PV systems, from Greece and abroad. Continuing the operations on road safety, for the 3rd consecutive year, the magazines Auto Triti and Moto Triti are organizing a 6day seminar for Road Safety in conjunction with the German organization of safety Dekra under the auspice of the Ministry of Transport, Communication and Networking of Central Macedonia and the Municipality of Thessaloniki. As a founding member of Ι.Ο.ΑΣ. (Institute of Road&Safety) Panos Milonas and Motor Press are contributing in conducting the seminar under the AVENUE Actions for Vulnerable, Elderly, Novice drivers and road Users in Europe - for traffic safety program. AVENUEs target is the design and implementation of a completed Center of information for Road Safety and Traffic, through interactive programs, theoretical and practical education, raising public awareness, having as goal the reduction of traffic accidents through the creation of the Center, informing the public and implementing action. This year Motor Press, having an understanding of the needs of the era, also creates a new special tab on the site, the auto pages tab, as well as a six-monthly print of Συν-οδηγός (Co-driver). The target of this new feature, as well as its printed out version is to cover more and more the increasing needs of its readers - consumers for the products and services and simultaneously to project trustworthy partners from every field that is associated with car motoring. With these means, the readers can easily be informed about the KTEO (Center of technical vehicle control), auto recycling, liquid gas, car insurance, leasing, driving schools, car lubricants, tires and their improvements. At the same time, they can easily access a variety of motoring businesses closest to their area, but also discover the prices and discounts those businesses have to offer. The year is closing very creatively with the organization of 1ης Εσπερίδας για την Υγραεριοκίνηση (First soiree for the liquid gas method of transport) which will happen in the conference room of the offices of Auto Triti Northern Greece. Cause of it stood the vertical increase of interest for the LPG fuel in Greece, because of its low price and its beneficial for the environment properties. The results of the soiree are very useful for the professionals of the field, as well as the general public.
2012 starts with a big change to the data of the Greek car market with the release of Diesel. Motor Press sa issues a full version with everything consumers needs to know and also organized in collaboration with the Institute for Continuing Education Enterprise Car the 1st Conference. New Roads of diesel and Development.The Conference involved as contributors and as public representatives from all areas of the automotive market,the oil market, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Communications and explores all aspects that have to do with the use of diesel fuel. Although the deep economical crisis Motor Press expands the Company s Social Responsibility Program and creates a coalition of Solidarity and Social Responsibility. This is a new initiative of the Auto Triti and site for action and pooling of organizations and businesses that are willing and able to help the vulnerable people in our country (about 3,000,000 unemployed, pensioners, families and students). Under this Alliance, over 300 partner companies - members offer their beneficiaries, discount up to 50% for service and extra discounts on parts (especially for workshops), while for other companies (insurance companies, tyre shops etc.), more than 50%discount on services. Motor Press Hellas also participated this year in the 77th exhibition report of Thessaloniki International Trade Fair, while for second year is a media sponsor of Rally at Thessaloniki. The magazine also organized the Road Safety Day in collaboration with Helexpo and the Greek Rescue Team.

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